The Atlantic-Power-Cluster.eu team is all about diversity. We come from all over the world and represent different nations, religions, customs, and beliefs. The 1 thing that we have in common is the love of cybersecurity. Nowadays, cybercriminals are among the biggest threats not just for businesses and governments but also for regular users. Without a proper antivirus product, you’re going to be extremely exposed online.

With years of expertise in the area and contacts in the business, we have just a single goal: to help people improve their online security. Our team leader is Mr. J: he has been working in various cybersecurity companies for over a decade. As a white-hat hacker, he knows how everything works in this area. Penetration testing is his specialty (it is when an “ethical hacker” checks a company’s defense systems by attempting to penetrate it).

Our Mission

So long as the Internet is filled with cybercriminals, there is no way we could turn it into a safe location. Thankfully, with the assistance of various antivirus solutions, it’s possible to protect consumer devices from online dangers. Our number one priority is to educate normal users on the best way best to choose the right antivirus product and the best way to remain secure on the Internet.

We will tell you everything there is to know about keyloggers, ransomware, phishing sites, and other kinds of malware. ID theft is also a significant challenge of our time, but, again, using a suitable set of tools, it is highly possible to keep the attackers at bay. It may take you weeks, if not months, to learn your way around cybersecurity.

With our help, it is going to be a lot easier to understand the fundamentals and to make conscious decisions while searching for an antivirus. Use the comparison table well, compare several products and weigh all the pros and cons. Plus, we have split the reviews and articles into different menus so that it is easier for you to browse through the site.

Users will discover the best products for various platforms (both mobile and desktop ), business solutions, and free software. To check out all the newest reviews, visit the corresponding menu. We post all of the discounts and incentives there. The “Website” contains reviews of security tools, ID theft security systems, and much more.

Finally, on the primary page, you will see a list of the highest-rated antivirus products — the best picks for Windows, Mac, mobile platforms, family protection, user interface, etc.. If you do not have sufficient time to read our detailed reviews, this list can enable you to think of a fast decision.

Security is the most important aspect for anybody who uses the internet regularly. When you store personal information and share sensitive information online, the issue of security becomes absolute. The quantity of available security solutions is increasing by the moment meaning that you will need another opinion to make a suitable option.

Our site is the best source of these second opinions. Read what professionals consider particular antiviruses and antimalware software.

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